Oui Δ Si Δ Yup

I believe life just is
Therefore life just lives
And anything life does give
Is something you and I just did


All poetry is original

All images, unless noted, were taken either from:
Δ Friends
Δ Reblogs
Δ Internet and are assumed to be public domain.

If there are any problematic errors or issues, please let me know. Thanks.

Permalink Hazel
You’ve shown
The worst of what I came here for
You brought me to know
What lays in the sterling grove
What lies down beneath
Holds in the fears
What would dry up your tears
Permalink And I’ll sell my soul
To tell my fears
To convince
That it’s not all bad
When all is not clear
Desire designed to despise
What could not be told
When you’re living too fast
When you’re not even getting old
Permalink Dwelling in dark passages
Your good lung still breathes through
A visage was created
Because you could not stay true
Although it’s lined crimeless
It locked in a catatonic effigy
Withering the singles from ecstacy
With a commanded stop
And you did it
Reappearing to show
That it’s never forgotten
And it never will be again
Permalink Like birthing a giant
We’re racing the lights
Challenged by my own doing
Evolving an anomaly out of the situation
Through seclusion of its distinct nature
A renaissance is at hand
To relate to the next level
As all calls down these naked halls
Time will
While the mind spills
Permalink As soon as I could not keep up
I walked in to not see you
Treading on the edge of what
A possibility that seems to
Handle what it needed most
But it’s still floating
Raised on by
I would know
Because for a moment
I did again look outside
I love what I’ve been able to say
Though it contradicts my actions now
Guess I’m gonna need another night
To be leveled by its prowess
Permalink Hallucinations
And illuminations
Of such a valiant being
They’ve all began to consider
Ridding of you
With strokes of the obscene
Glittered in your eyes
You told me you want to live
So hide for as long as you need
I won’t let them get you kid
Permalink Excite extreme
Designs between
Polar opposites
Of twenty
Cooperative beings
But a muse is lost
So firing off words
Is just food for thoughts
The images bring comfort
Rebellion and mistrust
Manic depression
But for life
There’s still lust
Permalink Opportunity says
We love
Such an endless
And true one
So how could I watch
You ask of
What’s to be to blame?
I’m sure
That I’ll be
Hearing your problems
But that’s why I’ll see
That was placed upon me
And that it’s nothing
But just a game
Permalink I know it’s just a satellite
But it keeps blinking
Obtuse eccentricities
So calmly blunt
Trying to liberate from what was just mine
It’s unforgettable
But not impervious
Is that what you want?
Permalink You just seemed so damn excited
That I didn’t want to deny this
From your dreams babe
So I’ll just insert another whiny line in
I wanted to be divided
Although I longed to be united
Because you’re lovely
But I found that
It made it that much harder
To tell you no
I won’t go